About us

Professors’ Association for Students’ Services (i.e., PASS), established in April, 2017, that aims to connect members of teaching faculty and students together from across the world, and it also aims to voluntarily work to develop critical thinking, promote culture of research, peace, tolerance, diversity and pluralism in academia of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in particular and of Pakistan in general. Various tools, techniques and methods have been used to achieve aims & objectives of PASS. These include: conduction of seminars, symposiums, research workshops, dialogues & conferences. PASS has, up till now, been successful in uniting a small number of members of teaching faculty & students representing various colleges and universities of Pakistan in this regard. PASS is a self-funded & non-profit making association, and members of PASS feel proud to generously contribute to run the association with a purpose to obtain the academic objectives of PASS.